Football development in Africa is FIFA’s priority – Gianni Infantino

Sports News of Monday, 27 February 2017



Infantino Ghanaplay videoFIFA President, Gianni Infantino

The president of the Federation of International Football Association has disclosed that he is committed to the development of the game on the continent

Following his election as the president of football’s most revered body many people were skeptical about his love for the game on the continent but in a press conference held at the headquarters of the Ghana Football Association, Infantino declared that the development of Africa football is his topmost priority and will put in every effort to ensure that Africa football reached its heights

“I have been saying in my campaign that we should have 40 teams in the world cup and out of the 40, seven should be African, but what we did after is to increase the World cup to 48 teams and the African representation will be more than seven.”

“Until last year FIFA was investing $27,000,000 in Africa for the African Association’s every year, but after my elections I was investing $94,000,000 every year with the same revenues.”

“So we have to allocate the monies where it has to be allocated which is in the development of football and in Africa which is a top priority for me.”

“In Africa there is such a big passion and love for football that if we manage to channel a little bit of this structure in an appropriate way and we create leagues and competitions and we generate players not only from their natural talent but with appropriate structures then the future will be called present for African continent and we will really make a change and a difference.”