New whatsapp feature attracts mixed reactions on social media

General News of Friday, 24 February 2017



Watsapp FeaturefeatureThe new feature allows users to have access and watch the pictures and videos of their contacts

A new whatsapp feature has sparked a lot of debate on social media, with majority of users expressing unhappiness with the new feature.

However, Technology operators believe the new app will help in data penetration as well as business operators across board. Citi Business News’ checks revealed that there have been mixed reactions across board over whatsapp’s new feature which commenced a few days back.

The new feature allows users of Whatsapp to upload pictures and videos for their status, which can last up to 24 hours. The feature also allows users to have access and watch the pictures and videos of their contacts. The feature despite being less than a week old appears to be getting a lot of attention in Ghana and on social media, leading the trends on twitter.

As at 12: 50pm on Friday, there were over 820 thousand tweets on the feature. But not all users are happy with the new feature. One user tweeted “So now whatsapp also has stories. Real Waste of credit”, while another said ‘really detest this new updates on Whatsapp. We want our written status back”. One of the users who spoke to Citi Business News believes one must be ready to spend on data to enjoy the new feature.

“Social media is getting more and more expensive and the more you want to engage, the more data you’re going to have to use…That’s the same thing people said when Instagram was introduced for example some of the filters that snap chat has.

I think snap chat has its own audience it has its own purpose, it has its own space so I don’t think this is competition,” The CEO of Flippy campus, Ammishaddai Ofori who explained how useful the new feature is also stated how business owners can take advantage of the new feature.

“I hope that the telcos also take advantage of and see the potential business side of it and it to do some zero rating or some reduced data cost when it comes to whatsapp and other stuff and they can use that to get more customers,” he stated.