Hand Bag Designer Sonique Saturday is a Future Legend to Watch Out For

In honor of Black History Month. we’re offering insight on handbag designer, Sonique Saturday. In addition to being a handbag designer, Sonique is also a blogger and celebrity stylist her clientele includes Erykah Badu, Meagan Good, Tracy Ellis Ross, and more.

Sonique’s ability to create opened the doors to her dotting career as a designer.  She tells Fashion Bomb Daily 

I got started doing my handbags in college. I was taking a trip and wanted a universal bag to wear with every outfit, mood, and season. I just wanted that one universal bag that I could put all my junk in and just go, and I couldn’t find it. Long story short, I made it. It was just for a trip and when I got to this particular destination, so many people, everyone, just gave me an insane response that I totally was not expecting. So, I knew that people were responding in a positive way to something that I kind of created over night.

Unsure where this newfound creativity would lead, positive affirmations from others in response to her designs revealed the endless possibilities for her.

When I got back to school, I wore the bag around the campus yard. Within my circle, so many were like, ‘I want that bag. Make me one.’ It kind of just turned into something like most businesses do. It turned into a hobby, my hobby turned into my side job, and my side job turned into my career. So it’s really a dream come true. I know it sounds very fairy tale, but that’s basically what happened.”

She continued to develop designs for her brand. Her fake “Birkin” design caught the attention of model, Amber Rose.

Amber Rose was the first celebrity to wear my bag. I am forever indebted to her. She’s the reason why Sonique Saturday kicked off as a west coast brand. .