Bitters not remedy for weak erection – Urologist

General News of Friday, 24 February 2017



Bitter1A visit to the doctor would reveal the actual cause of a man’s inability to have a good erection

Young men who resort to drinking bitters and other aphrodisiacs for sexual potency should refrain from the practice since it can worsen their plight, an urologist at the Kumasi South Hospital, Dr Samuel Amanamah, has cautioned.

He said such people should instead check their health status at the hospital for proper diagnosis of their problem for solution.

Failure to do that, he said, could make one become an alcoholic, impotent or destroy one’s liver.

Dr Amanamah told The Mirror in an interview that a visit to the doctor would reveal the actual cause of a man’s inability to have a good erection, saying that once the problem was diagnosed, a solution could be found to it rather than resorting to aphrodisiacs and bitters.

“If you have a problem with erection, go to the hospital for doctors to find out the cause of the problem and provide a solution. For some people, it is hypertension; and others, diabetes.

“Some people do not know that they are hypertensive and diabetic, so if you correct the hypertension and diabetes, the erection comes back to normal,” he explained.

“So don’t just go around buying drugs and bitters. Through that, you can shorten your life. You can have some diseases out of this. Some of the products may end up making you an alcoholic and have a prolonged erection which can cause the penis to die.”


He said pornographic films that showed men engaging in prolonged sexual acts were staged and not real.

“People watch pornographic films in which they see a man having prolonged sex, and they think it is real. It is not, these are films that have been acted. So you do not need to take a drug and have sex for three hours to prove that you are a man.

“Most of the bitters have alcohol as their base, so in your attempt to solve one problem, you will realise that you have become an alcoholic when you continue drinking them. When you become an alcoholic, you will destroy your liver in the end,” he said.