21-year-old lesbian confesses after partner licked her blood

General News of Friday, 24 February 2017

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When it comes to the issue of lesbianism, Christians are firm on their stance as they believe strongly it is purely against God’s will and once an individual engages in such despicable act, it is assumed such a person is possessed by a demon.

Young and ambitious Ama (Real name withheld) had a promising future when she brilliantly passed her Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) with aggregate eight (08).

She had no difficulty getting admission into one of the popular and best Senior High School in the Central Region of Ghana but completed with an awful grade in the West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) failing in all subjects (F9 in chains) due to her involvement in Lesbianism with a colleague in the same school.

Narrating how she got engaged in the act, Ama confessed on Light on Live 91.9Fm with host, Jeshrun Okyere, that her female colleague in the same school wrote a letter professing her love for her (Ama) and she later accepted the love proposal.

According to her, she thought her female friend was in for a mere friendship but little they she know that there was more to that.

Ama disclosed that she has been a sexual partner to the colleague girlfriend for four (4) years adding that the first day she got involved in the lesbian act was when she was invited by the young girl after evening studies (Prep) to meet her in one of the classrooms.


Ama explained that the classroom was quiet with no sign of any student around. She said her lesbian friend made an approach by fondling her breast and started kissing her, adding that she couldn’t resist her partner’s move though she was not happy.

According to the victim, the encounter with her lesbian colleague continued for four years because she never lacked anything she was given by her counterpart who played the male role as a lesbian.

“Though I wasn’t happy after the first encounter, I later enjoyed it since she (Lesbian) did everything for me so I was happy. I never lacked anything, she bought all I needed in my life including provisions, dress and others.” Ama’s experience in the lesbianism act transcended to a point where she fell in love with her aunty whom she was staying with.

“During the Christmas, my aunty got to know about my feelings for same sex. I felt like I wanted to have sex with my aunty when she was relaxing at the hall. I told her she was beautiful so I want to have sex with her. I had feelings for my aunty because I wasn’t seeing my partner. For almost a month I hadn’t seen my partner and I was eager to have sex with my aunty but she declined and thought I was joking.

“One day at dawn my aunty woke me up to question me about my strange behaviour and asked if I was a lesbian… I replied ‘YES’ and she advised me to put a stop to it otherwise it will ruin my life but I felt it was normal, I never felt guilty attending church service.” The 21 year old Ama hinted that about seventy-five percent (75%) of young girls in her school were engaged in such ‘immoral’ act.

Uncle Dan, who rescued Ama from her predicament, told Jeshrun Okyere that initially the her lesbian counterpart threatened to kill her if she breaks up with her.

When asked where the lesbian friend had the money to take care of the victim, she disclosed she has no knowledge of her source of finance.

Ama who now feels guilty of the act, said she is willing to opt out of the situation which has totally ruined her physical life, her spiritual, social and sexual life.

She noted that she had never had sex with any male because she has no love for men.

Ama lived with her aunt because her single mother couldn’t afford to take care of her but her aunt’s business collapsed and was bankrupt.

In a similar interview with Jeshrun Okyere on a sister station, Live 91.9Fm, the victim narrated how she further ended up being entangled in blood covenant with her lesbian partner after living this life [lesbianism] with her partner for many years.


Blood covenant is the most binding covenant any two people or groups of people can enter into. Once committed to, the only way out of it is by the death of one or both of the covenant makers or may be by deliverance.

Though it is something that is never entered into lightly yet the victim’s lesbian friend had her way by licking the blood that oozed from Ama’s vagina as a means of making their relationship stronger through that covenant.

“After having sex with her I saw blood dripping out from my vagina and she licked it but I didn’t see anything wrong with that.” Uncle Dan revealed that the lesbian who has now put Ama’s life in shamble is a third year (Level 300) student at the University of Cape Coast and offering Nursing course.

When asked if she felt that she was being manipulated spiritually, Ama said, “No, She told me to do a blood covenant with her and I refused and she again asked me to escort her to beach at dawn (12am).”

Ama who feels guilty and wanting to repent from lesbianism told the host she wants to give up completely.

Jeshrun Okyere is urging the general public to support to relocate Ama from her current place and to pursue her future aspiration of becoming a nurse. He promised to connect Ama to a man of God to be delivered from that spiritual bondage.

All efforts by Ama’s relatives to get in touch with the alleged lesbian have proven futile.

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