Lady Shame Reality TV Show, ‘Big Brother’ For Immorality

The TV Reality show Big Brother Naija has come under heavy criticism by a Nigerian scientist who blasted it for having nothing inspiring but immorality to display for Nigerians, especially the young ones.

According to Dr. Uju, who used her Facebook page to vent her anger at the “rubbish” show, Big Brother Nigeria has no positive impact on citizens nor on the dwindling economy. Hence she poses the multi-million dollar question –

“Ladies and gentlemen of my country, what on God’s green earth is the positive impact of Big Brother Nigeria on our nation?”

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First, Uju narrated how she was honoured as best Mathematics student thirteen years ago when Nigeria use to recognise and award noble laureates and intelligent academic pupils with scholarships and price gifts. She added that the award did little to motivate her than the awarder – a corper who started the movement to recognise students who have distinguished themselves in Mathematics.

Here’s what the doctor said:

“The money and the certificate I received from Mr A did very little for my spirit compared to what his gesture did. His passion, his dream, his goals for a better country made a much deeper mark on my life.

“Those books he donated to the ministry, his corper friends who came with him, their obvious dedication to his cause were all too evident.”

Read the rest below: 

doctor Uju shame Big Brother Naija

“Which brings me to my wahala for today.
Ladies and gentlemen of my country, what on God’s green earth is the positive impact of Big Brother Nigeria on our nation? Apart from the loads of cash the sponsoring companies would make from your voting and all the other associated monies that would do next to nothing to develop our country, WHAT ELSE?

“When you get up from watching that load of nonsense, how motivated are you to do something for your country? Even if we want to copy from Bekee, like the copy cats we are, why can’t we copy the good things, bikonu?

“Why can’t we sustain Dragon’s den, where people like Madam Folorunsho Alakija, Madam Ibukun Awosika, Oga Aliko Dangote, Oga Femi Adenuga and others, would be invited to invest in the potentialities of our youths? Where you would learn how to conceive and pitch your business ideas before men and women that matter, all on National TV? Why did it leave our screens after a brief appearance in 2008?

“Why can’ we copy The Apprentice, where a man like Oga Femi Otedola would organise a twelve week-long gruelling business selection process to educate, motivate and inspire our youths on entrepreneurship and business development, all on National TV?

“Why can’t we copy and sustain the right things, biko? With the burden of HIV on the continent, we are still content to advertise fornication and adultery on our screens? What is wrong with us? Oo gini bu our problem?

“The country is in recession and continues to wallow in it, while we fold our arms, waiting for oil prices to rise and save us from the mess we are in, and rubbish is being put before our faces and our youths are not angry? There’s a merciless food crisis raging through the country. Malaria is still on a killing spree.

“GMO products are trying hard to make their way into our food chain. Youth unemployment is still a cackling monster, road accidents are happening as I write this, and we aren’t angry at this useless thing on our screens?

“Biko, if you are not angry and you see no reasons to be, I will not ask for your permission to be angry on your behalf.

“Meanwhile, thank God for men like Tony Elumelu, who has been inviting African youths to come get investments for their businesses.We need more men and women to do what he is doing.

“Hear me, friends. Until programmes championing economic development make it to main stream media, until we agree to sustain programmes like The Apprentice and Dragon’s den and make them huge things on our screens, until we bring back The Debaters, Zain Africa Challenge and the likes of them, making the winners get the millions of Naira we are currently dishing out to these morally bankrupt folks on BB Naija, until we stop glamourising loads of rubbish, we would get no where!

“Youths in Japan are coding and moving their nation forward, and Nigerian youths are on Facebook debating fornication and nudity.

“Indian women are launching rockets into space and Nigerian youths are debating who slept with who. Shame!
“If this post is annoying you, I am getting ready to get into the lab soon, in search of the cure of a currently incurable disease.
“Come and beat me there.