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4 Telltale Signs that a Man Is Serious About You

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How do you know when a man is serious about you and your relationship? There are many actions that let you know that you are his one and only choice. If none of the following have happened, you may have a serious decision to make and very soon.

1. He’s Stopped Interviewing

If he’s still “considering other options,” it’s a good indication that he is not serious about your relationship. If he’s still “playing the field,” “sowing his wild oats” or any other colloquialism that means he’s not ready. When a man chooses one woman and settles with that one woman, his intent to build a solid foundation for a lasting love is evident by the nobility of his actions. Otherwise, a woman is just one among others “sharing the same dream.”

2. You’ve Met His Family

Men introduce women they’re serious about to their parents. If you’ve been dating for several months and you haven’t met his parents, he’s probably not serious about you….yet. What’s worse, is if you have introduced him to your parents. Arguably, one of you is “turning the page” faster than the other. Could he just be a “slow reader” or is your interest not mutual? Men want the blessing of their parents just as woman do. What his parents think about the woman he has chosen to love matters to a man.

3. You’re in the Circle of Trust

Have you been properly introduced to his inner circle of friends, those whose opinion of you will matter the most to him? Contrary to what you may think about men, they do value what their close friends think about the woman in their life…when they have a serious interest that is.

Who have you met in “his crowd of influence?” Were these meetings intentionally arranged or just incidentals? Has he made a point to introduce you to any of his close friends or did you just happen to see a roommate while you were stopping by or ran into a friend of his while you were out and about, but not anything deliberate? You should be concerned if this is the case. More importantly, you should consider if continuing on in the relationship is in your best interest.

4. You Worship Together

Has he taken you to church with him? If he’s a man on faith, this will be important to him. Faith is a very important factor and plays a very significant role in how many of us live our lives daily and weighs heavily on major and minor decisions of our lives. So, he may take you to church to experience where is spiritually fed to make sure your beliefs and practices are compatible with his.

There are telltale signs when a man is serious about his relationship with his woman. The most prominent example should be his word matched by his actions. A worthwhile man will communicate his intent from the very beginning and not leave a woman wondering about her position in his life or the direction of their interactions/relationship. Any man that will do less than this is not worth a woman’s time and is a potential danger to her emotional wellbeing.

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