Thief in England caught crawling into store to steal children’s magazines

A British shopkeeper shared video of a bizarre theft where a man crawled into the store on all fours and grabbed magazines meant for young girls.

Sunny Patel, owner of the Best-One store in the Knowle district of Bristol, England, posted CCTV videos to Facebook showing different angles of the Friday incident at the store.

The videos show the man reaching in through the automatic doors to grab a package of toilet paper and place it in front of the door to prevent it from closing.

The man then gets down on his hands and knees, crawls a few feet into the store, grabs a handful of magazines, and flees.

Patel said the magazines were designed for young girls and featured popular cartoon character Peppa Pig.

The video shows the man returns moments later and repeats the same steps to take more magazines.

The man comes back a third time after scant minutes, but this time he is greeted inside the store by an employee.

The employee walks up to the crawling man, who freezes in place as if trying not to be noticed by the worker, who grabs the package of toilet paper from the doorway and blocks the man’s attempts to grab another handful of magazines.

“All in all I want my magazines back!” Patel wrote.

He said the man got away with about $31 worth of magazines.

“I know this isn’t a massive amount but it’s purely down to principles. This is to send a message out loud and clear to locals that we will not tolerate this. An example has to be made,” Patel told the Bristol Post.

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Posted by Sunny Patel on Saturday, February 11, 2017

Police are investigating the incident.