Kelly Nii Lartey jabs Gh media; tags it as ‘lions eating themselves’

Entertainment of Thursday, 16 February 2017



Kelly BloggerKelly Nii Lartey Mensah

Entertainment pundit and Social media Influencer, Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah has taken a swipe at the media in Ghana GH describing the industry as “Lions eating themselves”.

Kelly in a post on Facebook mentioned that the media although not been paid well, fail to support their own friends who are Public Relation Officers to succeed at what they do in order to enjoy the benefits of their support.

Kelly posted “GH MEDIA: LIONS EATING THEMSELVES! Ghana’s media ordinarily doesn’t pay that much, but one advantage of being prominent in there is the media connections one gets. Media contacts and familiarity is essential in PR practice; so that organization would consider the media person first in employing persons for PR roles. Such PRO in other jurisdictions will probably get free interviews and mentions here and there; definitely not in our mother land Ghana. Here, you can be friends with the top gurus who call the media shots, you can go on their shows from Monday to Monday. Fight for them, give them your utmost support for them to get their media space exciting. BUT moment you call one “Chale, I’m the PRO for this so-so and-so brand and I’ll be glad to have a conversation on your show so I can chip in some mentions” ….. they almost always ask for money. Money or no deal. So what becomes of the media connections of the so called media guru PRO?? If with all your media connections and championship, an organization have to pay you money and find additional ways to pay your friends for strategic mentions in the media, why don’t they just pay ‘a non-media’ person half of your salary and give the rest to the media to do such work. In the end, the media man is underpaid and loses a good financial opportunity and the cycle goes on to futility. What happens in other countries where media people make sure their fellow succeeds so it would have rippling effect on all doen’t happen in Gh media space. Here, everyone is eating the other up. THE LIONS HAVE LIONS ON THEIR MENU AS BREAKFAST, LUNCH, SUPPER AND DESERT.”