Valentine: Pleasure or Pain – A masterpiece by KKD

Entertainment of Tuesday, 14 February 2017



Kkd RoyalnessKKD

The Finest Happy Valentine, the day is here again

To make sworn lovers happy and rain

Affection, attention, pleasure and presents.

On their one true love who keep them sane.

What’s this I hear? May I repeat hearsay

That the single and available endure this period in pain

As married people with relationships strong

And dating folk doing Biblical wrong

Plus courting folk looking to sing same song.

All show and tell boldly to whom they belong

As we give, some send what they can hardly afford.

Some give their time and presence to a sweetheart in accord.

Some send love via prose afar to whom they long

To see, hold and do something inside so strong.

But love is what matters, not the rags and tatters

We buy today and discard tomorrow

Give with pleasure, not under undue pressure

Pledge loyalty over cheating with gifts that bring sorrow.

Some buy presents and send back to themselves

To deceive friends they’ve lined up lovers on their shelves

But are lonely as a leper on a bicycle.

Plenty social media presence; no real present people

To reach out and touch is a sweet feeling

To rest a head on a shoulder, so appealing

If you have your one lover, hold on tight

Many want to be you, praying, fasting and believing

If you fell out with your love, lose the pride and fix it.

All lovers fuss and fight, guess you didn’t know it

If you’re now talking as they say, do what’s right

If just one loves you, thank God and enjoy it

The pool is drying up, “many people dey chew’

Pray but move or you’ll die lonely in the pew

Love is real, it brings sweet satisfaction

But if you sit and wait at home, you’ll get no action

We need love, God please command and renew

The supply of loyalty, industry and beauty, we pray you

You gave Adam his Eve, remember, Lord have mercy

To live and sleep alone is one human controversy

Too many spend too much time texting

Instead of meeting, greeting, conversing and progressing

Holding hands, having laughs and arguments too

Falling apart, knowing better and coming back cool

Learning about the likes and dislikes of a select few

To make an informed choice and seeing it through

Lone snapping and flexing with selfies and tall stories

Loneliness is real, coming to a cinema near you

Boo & Bae have crowds yet are lonely too

More than 10,000 strong likers, friends and followers

Not a single available one has yet found you

Be not other people’s husbands and wives borrowers

Pose and act are good for tv, modeling and movies

But tape’s not rolling, cut the crappies

Make real friends and choose the one with whom to be luvvies

Life is too long to be lived sad and lonely

And too short to impress any cyber body

The Heavens and the Earth show us to love and be loved

Even poor souls are truly loved by somebody

Get up, stand up, there’s a partner for you

Dress up, show up, they’ve been searching for you too

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Get off the self-pity or high horse, quick step

Or Highlife, Azonto, Kizomba and dab

Be cheerful, respectable, be fun, don’t be a crab

You are not perfect, neither is he, she or I

If you love somebody, move, leave the reason why

Today is the day, do something before you die

Be my Valentine, let’s be happy forever or a while” -HRB 1 #love #happiness #valentine #hisroyalblackness #hrbfamily #marriage

The writer: Kwasi Kyei Darkwah is a multiple award-winning Media, Culture and Tourism expert with poetry, fashion design and mentorship in etiquette and creative enterprise as his passions.

He is CEO of media, brands and culture consultancy The Finest Productions.

He holds a Master of Arts Degree from London Metropolitan University.