Most artiste managers are ‘fee collectors’ – KSM

Entertainment of Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Source: GhanaWeb


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Legendary comedian and broadcaster Kwaku Sintim Misa in an exclusive with has explained why he tagged artiste managers as “fees collectors”.

He explained a lot goes into managing an artiste than merely asking for monies.

He added that the work of a Manager is very tedious especially where the industry is flourishing.

The Manager or agent should be abreast of all the current film and television production and casting that is going on.

He further explained that not only are they are up to date on all productions but they are also aware of the kinds of parts producers and casting directors are seeking to cast.

KSM said an artiste manager gets in touch with as many casting directors as possible and they are usually busy setting up auditions or interview appointments for their clients.

He said artiste managers ‘hustle’ for the clients and make sure they keep their artiste busy, find them gigs, and after everything they negotiate a fee for the artiste and then take their cut.

Watch his interview below: