Improve health infrastructure – Dr. Nyaho to Health Ministry

The Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Center, Dr. Elikem Tamaklo has appealed to the Ministry of Health as well as the Ghana Health Service to improve health infrastructure in the country.

According to him quality health care is limited due to infrastructural constraints.


He added such infrastructural developments should go beyond the preconceived notion of architectural buildings to quality health care services in terms of roles and responsibilities as well as organizational structures within the various institutions mandated to deliver health care.

Describing Ghana’s current health care system as a “fractured organization”, Dr. Tamaklo called for collaboration between the public and private sector so as to bring “transformational growth” to the country’s health care sector.

“The private sector works on its own and the public sector works on its own. And they all have different challenges. We have insurance companies and we have so many different stakeholders and they are not connected. So as a country we need to look at our growth and just like coordination and collaboration is required to bring transformational growth, we need to come together,” he said.


“The NHIS is actually a great scheme but still has several holes that need to be blocked. Until these holes are blocked there is no way we can financially sign up to that because it will not cover the cost,” the doctor added.

He was optimistic such changes in the health sector will improve patients’ accessibility to improved health care delivery in the country.

Dr. Tamaklo made the appeal at a ceremony announcing the rebranding of his outfit, the Nyaho Medical Center in Accra last week following its establishment in the year 1970 by the late Dr. Kwami Nyaho Tamaklo.

Among those who graced the occasion was a representative from the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Samuel Kaba (Director of Institutional Care Division, GHS).

By: Kumi Obed Afari/