Nick Cannon Gives Beyonce Twin Parenting Advice

Comic actor and Musician , Nick Cannon has a thing or two to teach Beyonce about raising twins.

Nick Cannon has some wisdom to share with soon-to-be-mother Beyoncé.

Cannon who hosts America’s Got Talent show in a recent interview with PEOPLE shared some twin parenting tips.

He described how the relationship between them almost does some of the parenting for him and ex-wife Mariah Carey.

Nick’s advice is coming just after Bey broke the internet with her amazing pregnancy photos, announcing she’s expecting a baby.


36-year-old Cannon advised Beyonce saying:

“Beyoncé: twins, for the first two years, very difficult.

“After that, it’s like … they operate themselves. They have each other, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“When you have one kid, you want to make sure they have a playmate. Twins help each other.”

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Nick Cannon is the father of 5½-year-old Moroccan Scott and Monroe, twin daughters from ex-wife Mariah Carrey.

Cannon continued:

“My twins are so amazing. They make sure each other don’t get in trouble, they snitch on each other.

“I’m trying to [enact] the ‘stop snitching’ policy in my house.”

“[But] if someone’s doing something wrong, even in school, they have each other, so it’s amazing.”

Cannon Shares Parenting Tip With Beyonce On Raising Twins

Throwing a slight jab at Bey, Cannon shared on his Instagram handle saying:

Cannon also announced he too is expecting a baby boy with former Miss Arizona U.S.A. Brittany Bell.

He further clarified that raising twins is not as difficult as most people make it up to  be.

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He said:

“I don’t think that’s stressful … because everybody’s so elated about a new baby, it’s after the fact.

“The terrible twos is when I go, ‘I can’t take this no more.’ So I’m nervous about that, but the beginning part … you’re on a blissful high at that point.”

An excited Cannon disclosed what makes him most excited about becoming a dad for the second time?

He declared:

“Another little boy. I want a fighter.

“My son, Roc … I made him a tough dude. I like tough. I like to box, we do martial arts.”

He added that ir would be a lot of fun for him to have a boy to play and ‘roughhouse’ with.