Rapper Denies Cussing Out Trump In Diss Track

Kanye West Diss Track: Rapper Denies Producing Diss Track Against The President.

Popular American rap artist, Kanye West is allegedly being impersonated by a rapper who is using President Trump to make a name for himself.

King Myers dropped a tune called “Propaganda” and slapped Kanye’s fingerprints all over it.

Myers using a twitter handle (Ye’s) Twitter avatar as his cover art and proclaiming it was produced by ‘Ye.

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However, sources close to Kanye have reveled that Kanye West has nothing to do with the diss track.

He stated hat he must put the doctor almost every day and he’s put his lawyers on the job to get his name and art removed from the project.

Interestingly, the diss track is by King Myers seems perfectly timed.

The song is coming out at almost same time Kanye ha declared his decision to distance himself from his former friend, President Trump.

The Kanye West diss track throws several punch lines at President Trump .

One of such was where he asked  such as asking Allah why Trump’s still alive.

Kanye also spit a line where he called for President Donald Trump’s resignation saying:

“Stand up, time to impeach the president!”

Recall that earlier in the year, b efore Donald Trump was sworn in, Kanye paid him a courtesy visit right in his Trum House penthouse.

The rapper had used the occasion to publicly declare his support for the government.

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Meanwhile, Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West has revealed that she will be going without jewelry both online and on her video game.

According to her, her video game character is now just like she is in reality, except that there is goo fait … missing the giant rock on her finger.

Sources say, Kim spent 3 days in NYC talking to a French judge about the ring and the whole robbery incident.

Watch the Kanye West diss video here: