Don’t come to me for prayers if you fail the people – Pastor to MP

General News of Wednesday, 8 February 2017



Pastor Aaron Tomoah NewRev. Aron Tomoah, Circuit Head of Christ Apostolic Church Int., Santa Maria Assembly

Circuit Head Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church International, Santa Maria Assembly, Rev Aaron Tomoah, has commented on the issues in the media about public officials who refuse to hand over state assets with the intention of stealing them after their stay in government.

He described such officials as “a disgrace to society”, on Sunday, February 5, 2017, when MP for Ablekuma North, Hon. Akua Owusu-Afriyie paid a visit to the church.

“I don’t understand why as a Minister of state during your term in office, will not save enough from your huge salary to purchase a car of your choice but wait to grab cars bought with tax payers’ money, or steal state-owned cars, then you are a “useless MP”, he said.

He quizzed why the average Ghanaian worker or civil servants whose salaries are so small are able to save money to purchase a vehicle of their choice but MP’s and other government officials do not do same with theirs and instead resort to duping the state.

“If a civil servant or an average Ghanaian worker can save money from his low-income salary to purchase a car, why can’t an MP do same from his salary?” he questioned.

Hon. Akua Owusu Afriyie advised to be a virtuous woman

Rev Tomoah advised Hon. Afriyie to be a virtuous woman as she serves as the Member of Parliament for Ablekuma North.

“Be a virtuous woman, leave a legacy for generations unborn. Let your legacy speak volumes for you after your term in office. A legacy where the poor but brilliant can say, if not for Hon. Afriyie, I wouldn’t have gone this far in education and in life. Please whatever resources you are given to manage by the state, make good use of it to ensure value for money. The Lord Jesus Christ was not corrupt so I don’t expect you to be corrupt if you are a Christian, In Exodus 23:8, God talks about his hatred for bribery and corruption”, he added

He urged her to be a mother for all. This, he believes, will help her achieve her set goals for the Ablekuma North constituency.

He further stated that one the responsibilities of the church is to check politicians so that they do the right thing and for that matter, the church is watching her. He concluded by saying that if she fails the people she should not come to the church for prayers.

Hon. Akua Owusu-Afriyie also pledged not to never to neglect God.