Charterhouse sacked you because you were a disappointment – George Quaye jabs Blakofe

Entertainment of Tuesday, 7 February 2017



George Quaye PunditGeorge Quaye

It appears the ‘friction’ between the Head of Communications at Charterhouse, George Quaye and event emcee, Akua Blakofe is not ending soon as the former will not take the latter’s bribery claims against the event organizing firm lightly any time she alleges.

Blakofe has on countless occasions accused Charterhouse, organisers the Ghana Music Awards and Miss Malaika of compromising on the integrity of the scheme by taking bribes in exchange for the plaques and ‘sleeping’ with the contestants of the beauty pageant .

On each occasion, George Quaye has challenged Blakofe, once a Master of Ceremony for Miss Malaika, to ‘spill the beans’ if her claims are true or shut up.

In the midst of the recent allegation by George Quaye that Gospel artistes offer the most bribes for awards, Blakofe has reiterated her ‘unable-to-substantiate’ claim that the scheme is corrupt.

“It’s all good. Some of us know the truth about bribery and corruption. Don’t waste your energy. They will NEVER admit what they do. Ever! What George did was a classic slip of tongue” she commented on a post.

In a sharp rebuttal, George Quaye indicated that Blakofe was acting out of “sour grapes”, because she was sacked by Charterhouse due to failure on her part to deliver as an employee.

“Madam sour grapes Akua Blakofe. Angry and upset because Charterhouse sacked you as host of Miss Malaika Ghana because you were just not good enough. You are back here too. After claiming the scheme robbed Kojo Antwi’s Life Time Achievement Award for Reggie Rockstone even when history has proven clearly that neither of them has ever won that award. Anyone who doubts can check online or call them up. Don’t you get tired? I thought you told Nii Ayite Hammond and Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa that you are now a child of God. Or is it just a charade? Do you know what it means to be born again?” he queried.

“You have so much space in your heart to carry so much needless hatred for so long? How do you manage it? How do you sleep at night? So you come to add your voice to a claim to substantiate what, really? Well guess what my dear, like the many others, this claim is also a monstrous fib. If you don’t know what that means, it means a thick big lie. I never had any such convo with your dear friend Samuel Nii Narku Dowuona as he is claiming. Nii, please prove me wrong and let everyone see what I am. I’ve worked with many acts and still work with many. I’m sure you can go ask around if I ever take kickbacks or have such convos. But as I said before, everyone’s saying something so it’s okay…please join in. But you and I know we never had this convo. If you have any evidence to the contrary, don’t hesitate to share please. God bless us all,” he added.

Meanwhile, Blakofe has sworn she was never fired.

“I’m swearing on my dad who passed away less than a week ago that I chose to walk out. Jokers, thieves, evil… That’s what you lot are. George you were not there. But for some reason you act as if you know facts,” she wrote.

There came another jab from George Quaye!

“Call me names, Akua Blakofe. You were sacked. Some might even say you were scaring the beautiful girls away. You claim you walked away because you didn’t like the money you were offered…lol. Pathetic! I already told you, hosting Malaika was a favour they did you. But it’s all good now. Next time you want to open your wide black lips to make any false claims, make sure you won’t be giving yourself away. It’s disgraceful for a ‘lady’ (hope I can call you one) of your calibre. Your problem was that Reggie Rockstone was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award instead of Kojo Antwi. Well guess what? They both haven’t won it before. Since that’s your only claim for the firm being cheats, please come again my dear. I really respected you. So sad to see you down this path of restlessness. Everything Charterhouse seems to excite you so much. And yes darling…I am paid too damn well to demand kickback from Samuel Nii Narku Dowuona or anyone else.”