19 Of The Major Highlights On Big Brother Naija Last Week

Everybody knows Big Brother is back and we’re here for it.
The show had its official launch show on Sunday, the 22nd of January and now the housemates are living in an isolated house competing for a cash prize of 25 million by avoiding being evicted by viewers.

Here are all the major highlights of the show for the past week.

1. Cocoice made Head of House
Cocoice was made HOH. Short lived but yeah, her name goes down as a previous HOH. As Igwe, Cocoice’s words have to be obeyed by the housemates. She didn’t waste time Bisola wash her feet and Bassey wear a bra and even be her royal guard for the day.

2. Debie Rise was made the jester
Debie Rise was made the jester for the week. She had to wear the clown’s cap and provide entertainment for the week.

3. There was a coup d’etat
Yes, Biggie made Debie stage a coup in the house, one that led to Cocoice’s short-lived tenure as HOH. She was supposed to find the HOH’s secret black book and become the new Igwe. Biggie told her she could enlist a housemate and she picked Efe.

4. Efe became the new HOH
Seems we have to have two HOHs every week. Efe took over from Coco after finding the black book.

5. Nominations
This time around there was no fake eviction. Miyonse, Gifty, and Soma were up for eviction. Since the nominations happened when Cocoice was HOH, she had the task of saving one person and replacing with another. She saved Gifty and replaced her with Efe.

6. New teams
This week, new teams were made in the house. There were the Haves and the Have Nots. The former were expected to sleep in the double beds and the latter, the single beds. The Have Nots also had the duty of fixing breakfast. Cocoice who was HOH picked Bisola, Miyonse, Efe, Bassey, ThinTallTony, and Kemen as the “Have Not” team and for the Have team, there was herself, Debbie-Rise, Bally, TBoss, Gifty, Soma, and Bally.

7. Kissing festival
There was a kissing festival in the house and if you missed it,you’re really on ya own. But just to help you out, there was Bally, Bisola, Kemen, TTT and a lot of other housemates.

8. Parliament Debate
The housemates had their first parliamentary session and the teams (Haves and Have Nots) had to come up with a statement on why the Supreme Leader, Igwe should or should not remain in power.

9. The Shirts
This week, the housemates were asked to reveal something about their fellow housemates. Biggie put these comments on a shirt along with their face.

CoCoIce – Uptight, emotional, deceptive, rude.

ThinTallTony – Desperate, strategic, unpredictable.

Efe – Power hungry, suspicious.

Uriel – Slick, back-stabber

Gifty – Soft, unhappy, two-faced

Marvis – Calm, original yes/no

Bisola – Aggressive, Loud, amazing

Soma – Naive, trusting, sweet

Miyonse – Selfish, not loyal, lonely

Bassey – Fun.

Kemen – Actor, attention seeker

TBoss – Attractive, arrogant, proud

Debie-Rise – Diva, cruel Joker

10. Games
As usual, what is Big Brother without the fun games and the exciting tasks?

11. Tayo Faniran came visiting
Former Big Brother Africa housemate and Payporte ambassador, Tayo Faniran came to the house bearing gifts from what the guys had ordered.

12. Bisola vs Debie Rise
Bisola and Debie Rise had a heated argument this week and exchanged a lot of words.

13. Freeze
Biggie put the housemates to cleaning the windows this week and while at it, they were asked to freeze – remain stationary. Some of the housemates did so and the others ( Bisola, Miyonse, TBoss, Debie-Rise and Coco Ice) who defaulted were asked to go again.

14. Advantage Card
On one of the days, while the housemates were doing their sacred dances, one of Biggie’s Ninja went into the house and hid a card underneath a bench. After days of searching, Bally found the card. This card exempts him from being put up for nomination however, he has to decide to make use of it before the nomination process starts. He can also use it just once

15.Drama with the #Tiyonse
#Tiyonse bloomed this week as they both started marking corners ensuring that there was no sort of flirting. On some days, they were really confusing and some other days, cute. Tboss promised Miyonse to teach him one or two things when they get out the house. Waiting for that 😉

16. The lit house party
The housemates had a super lit Touch of Gold party and we saw them dancing to the fire playlist DJ Waxxy cooked up.

17. Truth or Dare
The housemates had a truth or dare game this week and it wasn’t what you expected. From fondling br**sts to kissing the tip of the tongue, they did all sorts.

18. New couple alerts – Soma and Gifty, Efe and Marvis?
So it seems we’re having more new couples. Last week, it was a love triangle between Soma, Gifty, and Miyonse. This week, however, we saw Soma take the exclusive place and believe me, they’re quite the dramatic couple. From kissing to light out moment, Soma and Gifty had some fun this week. Speaking of new couples, we cannot categorically tell you that Efe and Marvis are a thing but they’re emitting vibes and we wait. And wait, there’s Bisola and TTT. After that kiss we saw, our fingers are crossed.

19. Soma and Miyonse left
The three housemates up for eviction were led to the arena and there, the eviction took place. First, Soma and next, Miyonse. Efe however, went back in.
source: omgvoice