‘…Though I Was Not Physically With The Protesters Today, I Was With Them In Spirit….’

The planned nationwide protest which held today in Lagos state, Abuja as well as some other cities in Nigeria has come and gone but many Nigerians are still unhappy with the fact that celebrity musician, Innocent Idibia, a.k.a 2baba or 2Face who was supposed to lead the protest, chickened out at the eleventh hour.

2baba, who was seen as the ‘poster boy’ of the protest, shared a video on his Instagram handle, on Saturday, February 4, where he announced the cancellation of the planned protest due to security concerns and public safety consideration.

There were speculations that the award-winning musician cancelled due to coercion from authorities and this position was also taken by one Nkena Nwokocha who alleged that the veteran singer was arrested by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) and that he was possibly threatened.

However, he denied the claims in a tweet on Monday, February 6th, expressing gratitude to those who have shown concern over the purported arrest. He said:

He said:

“Thanks for the concern, guys. I am fine and free.

“Reports about DSS arrest are not true. We are still compiling responses for the leadership.

“State your opinion on the social media with the #IStandWithNigeria. Peace! One luv always!!!”

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Speaking on the cancelled protest, popular filmmaker, Charles Novia, lashed out at Tuface for backing out of the protest. He said:

”It is a disappointment really that 2face was stared down over this February 6th demonstration.He’s done harm to his brand than good.

”When you find yourself trusted as a rallying point for a silent or voiceless people, you don’t back down after publicly accepting.I have never seen where a name became so apt ever to its bearer.2face! 2baba, this is ridiculous,” he added.

2Face Idibia: '...Though I Was Not Physically With The Protesters Today, I Was With Them In Spirit....'
2Face Idibia: ‘…Though I Was Not Physically With The Protesters Today, I Was With Them In Spirit….’

Writing an update on the protest which he attended in Abuja, Novia alleged that the singer had spoken to Channels TV, explaining why he choose to lure many Nigerians into the middle of the sea and abandon them.

Below is what he wrote:


“I watched a phone interview on Channels TV a few minutes ago in which 2face was trying to explain himself in a flummox, why he had to pull out for security reasons. He also maintained that he was NEVER detained or harassed by any of the security agencies as rumoured.

“So, for those of you jokers who have been spreading stories that 2face was detained and harassed, you heard it from him now. Nothing like that. Stop your whimpering and face your reality.

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“Going back to the 2face issue, my disappointment at him has been widely expressed over this pullout. He himself has said that he was never harassed by the security agents and that vindicates my argument. If he was never harassed, why did he pull out?

“I understand that female fans might have bedsheet fantasies for the handsome gentleman and the male fans might have some admiration for him as well and so could very well come out in defence of that particular action but it still was a bad decision to me and I stand by it.

“Which blood of which Nigerian was shed today that 2face was scared would be spilt?

“Please let’s call colours what they are when we see such.

“He told Channels TV today that ‘…though I’m not physically with the protesters today, I’m with them in spirit….’

“He should have just kept quiet.

“This was a big screw up by him and it’s something he would have to live with for the rest of his life.

“The protests have held in spite of 2face and the point has been made. 2face is my pal from way back but this is a stark truth to be told.

“Pick your cause and stay the course.