Societe Generale unveils ‘Spread the word’

Business News of Monday, 6 February 2017



Societe Generale LogoSociete General Ghana’s ‘Spread the Word’ seeks to attract salaried workers and civil servants.

Societe General Ghana has unveiled an innovative product package called ‘Spread the Word’ which is aimed at better serving existing and potential clients across the country.

The package involves existing customers of the bank referring their friends and families to the bank to open accounts and once the new customer makes a deposit and or takes a loan; both parties are rewarded with prizes.

The requirements of the promotion are: as a referrer you must fill a form, sign it and give it to the referred friend. As a referred you must fill in the section dedicated to you, go to the branch, open a Kit account, and then ensure your salary is received through the newly opened account.

The Kit packages are packages that make it easy for customers to select how they want to do banking. These packages, launched in 2016, include Easy Kit, Flexi Kit, and Privilege Kit for different categories of the bank’s customers.

In 2017, a new Kit has been added: My Kit. This new product gives salaried workers the opportunity to enjoy several complementary products in one, with a single tariff. It also gives customers the flexibility of not being limited by savings accounts constraints which include having to raise the minimum opening balance.

Deputy Managing Director of Societe General Ghana, Francois Marchal explained that, ‘Spread the Word’ 2017 programme is aimed at attracting salaried workers and civil servants to the bank through their satisfied customers.

“This product is meant to build a relationship with our customers. We believe it is important to listen to their needs and provide solutions they can actually apply for. We have come to understand that what they require is not a bank that focuses simply on selling products but demonstrates appreciation and a spirit of collaboration; a partnership,” he said.

Mr. Marchal added that the bank has over the years introduced programmes including, their low rate car insurance ‘Sound Drive’, ‘Happy Auto Loan’ and ‘VISA Gold’ card for e-commerce access which have provide workers with products and services, improving their standard of living.

Head of Retail, Kwaku Tweneboah-Kodua said, “we want to show our appreciation and encourage all customers, new and old to keep using our products and services. We want our customers to not only benefit from the effective products and services on offer but enjoy being with us.”

The programme, which is expected to run till the end of this year, was first introduced in 2015 as a strategy to draw more people to the bank with help from customers.

All new members are assured SGGH branded gifts and items together with a gift voucher which customers will receive alongside a cumulative value of awards for all referrals made at the end of the month.