QUIZ: 13 Questions To Know If You Are Stressed

Teenage girl looking thoughtful about troubles

S-T-R-E-S-S. This six letter word can extract happiness from your life and leave you in melancholy. Ask yourself these questions to know if stress has become a part of your life. If you answer YES to more than ten questions, you really need to do something to throw this grievous word out of your life.

1. Do you get irritated very often?
If trivial things leave you irritated and annoyed, you are suffering from stress. The best way to avoid this situation is to meditate. It’ll help you soothe your mind and destress.

2. Do you easily get querulous in case of any delay?
If waiting for an elevator, bus or even a friend annoys you, you are suffering from stress. Try doing meditation. It’ll help you stay calm in such irritable situations.

3. Do you consume more than three cups of coffee or tea a day?
People have a habit of drinking a cup of tea/coffee twice a day. But when it goes beyond that, it can do a lot of harm and can be a sign of stress. Your caffeine-intake must be reduced as much as possible.

4. Do you undergo breathing difficulty?
If you have ever found yourself in a situation when you experience difficulty in breathing, it might be because of stress. Incorporate breathing exercises in your daily routine to release your tension any time of the day.

5. Do you get inadequate sleep?
Not taking proper sleep will make your body stressed, both physically and mentally. It can act as a cause as well as a symptom. So make sure you get ample sleep no matter what you are going through to make your day a jubilant one.

6. Does mere thinking of a situation panic you?
If you are one of those who thinks a lot, and which eventually leaves you in anxiety, you are suffering from stress. You start panicking about something, which has not even happened. So stop that over-thinking right away.

7. Do you often overreact?
We often react to a statement without even understanding it properly. But when in stress, you over react to things, which are trivial in nature. Keeping calm is something you can do to avoid this situation.

8. Do you perspire without engaging in physical activity?
People suffering from stress often end up in a situation where they sweat without doing any physical work. If you are amongst them, you need to stop thinking unnecessarily and stay calm.

9. Are you intolerant to interruptions?
If you get annoyed when interrupted by someone in the course of something, you might be suffering from stress. You need to stay calm in such situations and let the other person has his say as well.

10. Are you not able to articulate yourself when worried?
If you refrain from discussing your worries, stress can be the reason. After all, sharing always help. So when you are anxious, tell your friend about it. You will feel better.

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