Mixed feelings greet 2Face protest retreat

Entertainment of Monday, 6 February 2017

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Less than 24 hours to the planned two-state anti-government protest by ace music star, Innocent Idibia a.k.a. 2Face billed to take place on Monday, the African Queen crooner backed out of the protest, citing security reasons for his retreat.

2Face announced the cancellation of the protest barely five hours after reeling out the dos and don’ts of the protest.

In a video broadcast on his Instagram page, the singer said, “ After due consultation, it has become clear that One Voice Nigeria protest billed to hold in Abuja and Lagos on Monday, February 6th will not hold due to security and public safety concerns. The point I am trying to make is not worth the life of any Nigerian.”

But since the broadcast Nigerians and his fans have not been the same. There have been cries of foulplay, disappointments, and of course, praises for those who deemed the singer has done enough in firing the warning shot.

One of his fans who was obviously angered by the ‘For Instance’ star said the singer must have been compromised. @lanslam… “Now I know that everyone has a PRICE. How much were you paid?

This movement will have put your name on the marble and probably made you the greatest musician that stood against the GOVERNMENT and won….. You’ve made countless mistakes but this very one will hunt you for ages……” he said.

Another fan toed the same line of though: @okwuchukwuirie “Respect to you 2baba but you shouldn’t have gotten involved if you were not ready to see it through. Nobody said the road was going to be easy. You should have know that protesting against Nigerian govt would be a threat to your family or loved ones.

Why gather peoples energy and back out? You for just dey do your music. You have done great in your music but mind you that in years to come, cowardice will be boldly written on your resume.” Yet another fan described the act of retreat by the singer as a disgrace.

@wydotphotos “U know the funny thing is when Nigerians were protesting in Ojota during Goodluck regime nobody thought about hijack. U could have used wisdom. Converge at the stadium, make some good statement, address d press and tell d masses the risk and dispatch dem from there. u would have achieved something. But this, it is a disgrace”

But there are those die-hard fans who believe the singer has done enough even if he had retreated at the eleventh hour. “Please ignore these negative comments, i doubted it was ever going to be as peaceful as you intended anyway because some people are waiting for an excuse to carry out missions unintended for this purpose.

You will always be a hero. A person that ignores his ego and go for the right thing. You remind me of Goodluck Jonathan in a good way”

Another one also stands with the singer, saying, @lasheggzGreat.. Tubaba is a real patriot, he is the Bob Marley of our time and the fela zeal is in him… Now the govt is scared of the movement, but a day shall soon be here, when we all in one voice and one heart shall come together in peace and fight for our right. I love u tubaba, some day i know I would do a song with you.”

2Face’s wife response to hate comments

2face’s wife’s commitment to her husband is almost becoming legend. Just days ago, she said she wanted to grow old and die by his side. During the heat of the build-up to the protest Annie Idibia affirmed her unflinching commitment to her husband’s course.

@annieidibia1I connect to the LOVE in your conscience.. the power in your words are so inspirational…your lifestyle na spirituality..one way or the other you have influenced my life and others.. You are a SPECIAL Blessing..God sees your heart.. And “WE” do too”, she had gushed on her Instagram page.

However in the wake of criticisms being hulled at the love of her life, Annie has a simple answer to all saying they are disappointed by 2Face’s retreat at the eleventh hour. @Annieidibia1 “And to many That is typing that they are disappointed, you can continue where he stopped”.