Lifestyle: Phone addiction can ruin your life

Entertainment of Monday, 6 February 2017



Lady With PhonePhone Addiction

It is pathetic that many people have lost their lives due to phone addiction because they could not hear the hooting of the oncoming cars.

Isn’t it ironical that many people easily lose their womanhood with no sign of sorrows or regret but are in uncontrollable tears when they lose their phones?

One of the hardest tasks in this 21st century is for the youth to spend thirty minutes without touching their phones! Almost everyone is now a phone addict.

It’s the last thing you touch before you sleep at night. It’s the first thing you touch when you wake up at dawn. Some even put on earpiece overnight. This portends a great danger to one’s life. Some still wake up at night to download films but they can’t wake up for prayers while some are always online chatting.

As early as they are online and they remain online till midnight. They have thousands of online friends with whom they chat but they don’t relate with their families at home. They isolate themselves in their rooms.

Some argue till midnight about unnecessary issues in their various online groups, yet they have a lot of things they need from God. We go to bed late and have no time for God. We sleep and snore! Immediately after prayers, you see people pressing their phones again, no time to share the grace! As if all our past and future sins have already been forgiven!

When accidents happen, instead of saving lives, you see people taking pictures of the victims with their phones.

When a house is on fire, instead of quenching it, you see people taking pictures so as to be the first to upload it on social network. When a person loses a beloved one, instead of thinking about the funeral issues, the first thing the person does is to upload the news on social network. Perhaps for comments!

Some still chat in the exam halls? Some play games with their phones when they come to God. Along the road, some keep pressing their phones, until perhaps they narrowly escape an accident or until a banana peel slips them.

Even when we have guests, we still concentrate on our phones than our guest. Some ignore their spouses because they are chatting with “mere friends” on Facebook or Whatsapp! Many people’s phones have made them “hypocrites” and “liars”.

It is not an exaggeration that some people’s phones would lead them to hell-fire and because of your phone, you are the last person to come to God and you are always the first person to leave! God said: “closer and closer to mankind comes their judgement, yet they don’t take heed, and they turn away”.

We are not saying getting addicted to your phone is bad, all we are saying is get addicted to it for the right reasons. You should know when you are meant to do important things, know when God comes first, know when your education needs are at its important peak and above all know when you need to let it rest.