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Monday, January 17, 2022

Topics Men Bring Up That Make Women Loose Interest In Sex

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Mentioning that one time she got really mad

Remember that one tiff you guys had way back when? The one where she was wrong and overeating, and she eventually admitted that? Accept the win and don’t bring it up again as something you can both laugh about. No woman wants to remember the time she was furious right before having sex.

Complementing her friend

Yes, her friend has lost a lot of weight. And yes, her friend has a wicked sense of humor. And yes, under any other circumstances, you’d get brownie points for raving about her friends but not right before you’re supposed to rave about her body.

Suggesting she’s shy in bed

“Don’t be afraid to do whatever you want this time—you shouldn’t feel like you need to hold back.” Oh great—so you thought she was too shy last time. Good luck to her on trying to forget about that and be herself in bed now.


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