‘Disability’ is not inability – Hamamat

Entertainment of Friday, 3 February 2017

Source: asempanews.com


Hamas TeddyHamamat and Queen Teddy

One thing you can be sure of Hamamat Montia is she’s incredibly unpredictable!

The former Beauty Queen, who has earned the status of Africa Ambassador with her daily updates on customs and traditions worth keeping, took her video escapades to a friend she calls Queen Teddy, who is suffering from tendinitis, which is commonly known as knee pains.

And in this video we rather saw an energetic Queen Teddy boogieing with the pretty model.

The excited power pack duo danced to music in a way that absolutely defies disability; a gesture that won the hearts of fans due to its positivity.

“I know I have been M.I.A (Missing In Action) for a while, but my children needed all of my attention and if you are a parent, you [will] know how important it is to do that,” the accompanying text read.

Well, what better way to show self-pity the exit, to achieve our targets no matter our limitations; kudos to Hamamat on this one – It was worth sharing.

Watch video below: