Update: Dan Botwe displays Ghana maps to justify new regions creation

Haruna Idrrisu: You were victimised for your stance when you were Information minister under Kufuor. What advice will you give to anyone who handles that ministry.

Chairman intervene: nominee may decide to ignore the question.

Dan Botwe: Mr. Chairman, this advice is for anyone in a position of public trust. Whatever you do, you do to the glory of God.

Samuel Ablakwa: expresses concern about possible gerrymandering. He says an experienced General Secretary like him, could use his background in to create regions and areas for political advantage.

Nominee: It should be clear to us that some of the things politicians do in creating areas for political advantage is very temporal. He said the NPP created new constituencies and yet lost them later in elections. The NDC also created 45 new ones and also later lost the political advantage. The real issue should be development-led creation of districts and constituencies and not politics-led demarcations.

Yileh Chireh: There seems to be a contradiction in the policy to accelerate regions. Five regions were borught together under SADA meant to ehance development yet government is dividing regions again to enhance development. Isn’t this a contradiction?

DB: He says the creation of development zones and new regions work hand in hand to deepen decentralisation and development.

Mahama Ayariga: Have you considered the cost of creating new regions?

Dan Botwe: Just as fertilizer, as expensive as it may be, impacts the quality of the harvest, the cost in creating new regions is an investment which should reap benefits.

MP: Why are you called The General?

Dan Botwe: I have been to every constituency a number of times and this understanding of the local politics has helped him greatly. He downplays his contribution to the NPP general elections as the basis of that title.

Nominee displays Ghana maps and he is allowed to stand to explain the creation of new regions. He says several scholars have researched the creation of regions – some recommend as many as 20 regions instead of the current 10.

He says creation of new regions accelerate development and addresses poverty. A new region will get a Regional Cordinating Council which is the development agent of the state. The chiefs will get a regional house of chiefs so they can better influence development. A new region means several state institutions will have to be created – Police, Fire Service, health posts – all these generate jobs and enhance development.

Sampson Ahi: NDC promised to create new regions just like the NPP had promised in the 2016 general elections. I want to find out from the nominee how soon should he expect the creation of Western-North region Western region.

Dan Botwe: There is a meeting of minds on this issue by the two parties which should facilitate the creation of the regions. Referendum could be added to the District Assembly elections to save the cost of having a seperate referendum on the creation of the new regions in each of the four regions.

MPs are taking time to scrutinise the nominee’s CV. He is asked about the reason behind a national award he recieved (Companion of the Order of the Star of Volta (Civil Division).

The former NPP General Secretary credited with the NPP’s victory in 2000 general elections explained it was to recognise his contributions in deepening Ghana’s democracy.

Okere MP Dan Botwe who has been nominated as the minister-designate for Regional Re-organisation is facing Parliament’s Appointments Committee.