Report|Photos: Mass burial for six school children ‘buried’ under school walls

Six kindergarten pupils have been laid to rest in the Odoben Brakwa District in the Central region after they were smashed to death when their classroom walls collapsed on them.

After some back-and-forth over where to bury them, there was a consensus that it should be in the local cemetery.

And so at the community, a procession of grieving parents, teachers and significant part of the community led the way to two hurriedly dug pits.

Six kids united in death will be divided into an Islamic pit for two and a Christian pit of four kids.

It is to bury the dead, that concrete school walls buried alive on a tragedy Tuesday that has grabbed national attention. At least 70 children were within the school structure at the time of the incident. Three are still hospitalised and one other discharged.

The school was built by the community – a self-help project but it appears the project may not have helped as far as six parents are concerned.

Around the cemetery, the contorted faces of women wailing while the men hold back emotions like a stoic patient with teeth clenched as he takes a shot inside the hospital.

“Everything that happens we give to God,” an Assemblyman found a hiding place for consolation. But the commentary around the country wants to give this tragedy to man – negligent men.

Some say the writings were literally on the wall. Cracks, the handwriting of danger were conspicuous enough for the teachers to request that something is done about it – until nothing could be done about it.

The walls came down, the kids went down under, and now the district is down in grief as six kids go down into a grave over which a tombstone should stand written – Negligence.