PNC’s Atik Tramples Upon Bribe Claim

Atik Mohammed

The General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Atik Mohammed has described the bribery allegation against Boakye Agyarko, Minister for Energy as egregious.

In a statement in reaction to the ongoing cacophony about the allegations, he said, “I have heard the claims by some Members of Parliament (MPs) of corruption involving the then Minister of Energy-designate. Not only do they sound ludicrous to the ear given the repeatedly inconsistent narratives, they also undermine the credibility of the Appointments Committee and the work they do in particular and the integrity of Parliament in general.”

The allegations, according to him “are ill-intentioned and meant to smear the good name of the Honorable Minister. Indeed, if the MPs leveling these allegations were really sincere about their claims, Radio Gold would not have been their first port of call. I believe there are remedial processes in Parliament competent enough to handle such cases.”

He added that the Minister discharged himself creditably well and was virtually the toast of most viewers when he made his appearance before the committee for the show of dexterity and control over issues bothering on his ministry.

With the benefit of a majority support in the House, he went on “it is obvious therefore that this malicious claim cannot be sustainable.”

He referred to shocking discoveries made in some of the ministries where some of these MPs served as Ministers and Deputy Ministers which he said will become public in the fullness of time.

“Therefore as a preemptive strategy, some of them have found it convenient to present themselves as anti-corruption fighters, so that when eventually these issues come to the fore, they have a perfect excuse to shout witch-hunting.  I dare say this is a weak and shameful strategy!”

He said “in order that the image of parliament and of the Minister is purged, I urge the Speaker to as he has promised expedite action on this matter so that finality can be brought to it. However, if these claims eventually are found to be spurious, I implore the august House to sanction the MPs in question with the full severity of the law.”

 By A.R. Gomda