My role will not conflict with Monitoring & Evaluation at the ministries- Akoto Osei

Monitoring and Evaluation Minister-designate, Dr Anthony Akoto Osei says there will be no conflict between his role and that of the monitoring and evaluation departments at the various ministries.

He said although his job will be to provide the president with information from the various ministries, the sector ministers will decide on how their monitoring and evaluation departments operate.

 “It is not my job to tell the sector minister which unit in his department he should use for monitoring and evaluation, that is the prerogative of that particular sector minister.

“If that minister chooses to use his monitoring and evaluation department, that is his business. I won’t supervise those departments.”

Dr Akoto was responding to a question asked by Asunafo South MP, Eric Opoku on what will be the linkage between him and the departments for monitoring and evaluation at the ministries.

President Akufo-Addo’s announcement of the creation of the monitoring and evaluating ministry has received mixed feelings.

According to the president’s brief, the Ministry is to supervise the affairs of all other ministries and also consolidate government’s activities by ensuring appointees meet set targets.

While some support the move for the Ministry to be created, others believe that the ministry  is needless since there already are departments in the various ministries to undertake such task.

Many also called for the scrapping of the Ministry because in their view it will interfere with the activities of the evaluation and montoring departments at the various ministries.

But Dr Akoto Osei said his ministry will put the others on their toes but will not involve itself in how they operate.

He said if even he has questions, he will interact with the political heads – which are the ministers – “not civil servants.”

“Government cannot continue to work the way we are working otherwise there will be no results that is why the president has charged me with this. Because the president wants evidence, that if we say that we are going to restore teacher training allowance, it is restored and paid.

“I am clear in my mind that there is no conflict. My job is partially to police my colleagues,” he stressed.

He added that he will have a staff under his control and he will not in anyway be telling the monitoring and evaluation departments at the ministries how to do their jobs.