Movenpick Hotel ranked Most Influential Hotel on Social Media

Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, has emerged as the most influential hotel on Social Media in the latest 2016 Ghana Social Media Report published by Avance Media, CliqAfrica and DAF GH.

Movenpick which took over from 2015 frontrunner, Golden Tulip Hotel,  maintained a lead on social media by also habouring new followings of 51,593 which was the highest acquired by a hotel across Facebook and Twitter platforms used in the Social Media Rankings.

Following keenly on the ranking were Best Western Premier Hotel and African Regent Hotel which also moved up the ladder to their current positions on the ranking.

New entrants on the ranking include; Kempinski Hotel and Coconut Grove Regency Hotel.

Full report of the 2016 Ghana Social Media Rankings are available on

Below are the 2016 Top 10 Most Influential Hotels on Social Media:

  1. Movenpick Ambassador Hotel,
  2. Best Western Premier Hotel
  3. African Regent Hotel
  4. Golden Tulip Accra
  5. Frankies Hotel
  6. Paloma Hotel
  7. Alisa Hotel
  8. Villa Monticello
  9. Coconut Grove Regency Hotel
  10. Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City

With comparison to the 2015 ranking,  Best Western Premier Hotel rose from 5th position to its current 2nd position whiles African Regent Hotel also moved from the 4th to occupy its current 3rd Position. Some of the hotels which have moved down the ranking include; Oak Plaza and Alisa Hotel.

Other Hotels which have the potential of making the next ranking include; Fiesta Royal Hotel, La Villa Boutique Hotel, AirportView Hotel and Oak Plaza Hotel.

The ranking which was based on the GSMR Score was analysed from their Social Media followings, Growth Difference, Engagements, Post Reaches and Mentions.

The 2016 Ghana Social Media Rankings and Report was conducted by Avance Media, CliQAfrica and Dream Ambassadors Foundation GH.