HFC Bank rewards customers on 13th month of the year

Persons, who sign onto HFC Bank’s Susu Plus account, are set to be rewarded for the thirteenth month of the year following the bank’s revived campaign of that product.

The savings deposit plan allows customers to deposit a fixed amount of money into their account for one year (twelve months) and be rewarded with the same amount on the thirteenth month.

The General Manager of Finance and Strategy at HFC Bank, Benjamin Dzoboku explained that the positive feedback necessitated the rejuvenation of the product.

“The feedback from our customers has pushed us to refresh the product so that we can add more customers to the existing ones…it applies to both individuals and companies as well”.

The Susu Plus account together with six others which have been in operation for about a year now has already attracted about 14,000 customers.

HFC Bank is also projecting at least a seventy-five (75) percent increase in deposits by the end of this year.

Mr. Dzoboku further stated that the continuous growth of the innovation should largely equip Small and Medium businesses to expand.

Year on year I expect that this account should grow by at least 75 percent;

“Though the concept of the Susu Plus product is not new on the market, we believe that our approach with a refreshed campaign to create awareness for customers to save towards December, will push a lot of customers to us and we expect the results to be very good.”

Other benefits that come along with the Susu plus account include free charges on transactions (COT), ATM card, transfers, e-alert among others.

The other six products in addition to the Susu plus account, include; Brainy child account, I DO account, smart savings account, 55 plus as well as home save plus account.

By: Pius Amihere Eduku/citibusinessnews.com/Ghana