Forget Selena! Beyonce Sets Record For Most Liked Picture On Instagram

The Queen B has got all eyes on her as she hits a new Instagram record in just a number of hours after posting a recent picture letting the world in on the big news!

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Hours after Beyonce took to Instagram to share the news on twins expected by the Carters, she immediately tops the chart with the most liked picture on Instagram; beating the previous record holder Selena Gomez by over a million likes and counting.

Most Liked Picture On Instagram – Previous Record Holder

The previous record holder Selena Gomes has had the record of the most liked picture on Instagram since July 2016; up until Beyonce broke that record in a matter of hours.


Baby Names And Just For Laughs

You’ve got to love the internet for one thing and that’s running with trends. While some followers and fans of Beyonce are already coming up with creative baby names for the twins being expected, others are having a laugh with the whole situation and coming up with interesting MeMes.

From name suggestions related to colors (since their first child goes by the name ‘Blue Ivy’), to names related to states and awards, you name it! There is no limit to what people have to say and suggets on social media. Here are a few tweets of baby names suggested on Twitter:

Taking a shift from the names, here are some funny tweets regarding the baby news:

Well, I never expected anything less. The truth is when you are crowned the Queen of Music and you are married to Jay-Z it is impossible not to get anything you post trending! The beauty about this couple is that regardless of their flaws, they always make their union seem like the perfect one and the whole world is always waiting to get something/anything about their marriage and love life.

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With the baby news which had been in speculation for a couple of weeks finally out and confirmed to the public, get ready to have the name Beyonce pop up all over your timeline and favourite celebrity news channels.