This woman ‘married’ a pizza because she loves it so damn much

Have you ever been in an office when pizza arrives? The speed at which colleagues zoom into the kitchen once the invite to take a slice hits their inboxes is phenomenal.

But who can blame them? Pizza hits a spot inside that few other foods do. All that greasy cheese. All that crunchy carbohydrate. It really is the stuff of food porn dreams.

But one woman has taken her love of pizza to the next level – by ‘marrying’ it. Christine Wagner, 18, got the idea after coming across her grandmother’s vintage wedding dress.

She posted a picture of her wearing it to Facebook with the caption: ‘Wearing grandma’s wedding dress…I’m getting married but it’s to pizza. Sorry boys, I’m a taken woman!’

But what started out as a joke, soon became reality (sort of) once high school photographer Marcy Harris came cross the post.

‘Marcy Harris, my photographer, came up with the idea to take it further,’ says Christine.

Marcy decided to create a whole wedding shoot around her love for pepperoni pizza, which Christine says: ‘Is a staple in my diet and is very important to me’.

Over the next couple of days, the pair planned Christine’s dream wedding – including making the pizza wear a bow tie, and having actual finger candy in the form of a ring pop.

‘We debated about having bacon roses but because her mum was bit worried about the dress getting dirty, we decide to stick with just a couple of basic props,’ explains Marcy.

The ‘wedding’ was scheduled for the same day that Christine was due to have her hair and makeup done for her homecoming ball.

‘When I arrived, Christine was having her make-up finished. A large pepperoni pizza from Cristy’s Pizza in Baltimore was cooling off in the kitchen,’ says Marcy.

When she was all ready, we walked next door to a white barn on her family farm and that is where the magic happened.’

If only we all had someone who looked at us the way Christine looks at pizza.

A truly ravishing couple…if not short-lived.