Snake crawls into woman’s pierced ear lobe

An woman from Oregon, USA went to the emergency room after her pet ball python crawled into the hole in her ear.

Ashley Glawe shared a photo of her pet ball python, Bart, dangling from her ear as she waited inside a emergency room.


“It all happened so fast that before I even knew what was going on it was already too late,” Glawe said.

Glawe said Bart was resting on her shoulder when he suddenly sprung toward her ear, and became trapped in the large hole created by her gauges.

One of Glawe’s friends said doctors at the local hospital made a slight cut into her ear and used vaseline and a plastic tool to allow the snake to wriggle itself free, according to Fox News.

Her ear was numbed before doctor’s attempted to pull the snake out. She experienced some pain, but the snake was unharmed.