Fraud allegation is political game by detractors – Tourism Minister-designate

Entertainment of Monday, 30 January 2017



Afeku And NanaCatherine Afeku, Minister designate for Tourism, Arts and Culture and President Akufo-Addo

The Minister-designate for Tourism, Arts and Culture has accused political detractors as masterminds behind fraud allegations being peddled against her in the media.

Catherine Afeku said the accusations are simply a political game fueled by enemies who are testing to see how formidable she is.

Last week, Joy News broke the news that President Akufo-Addo, has initiated a probe into Catherine Afeku’s past case after her nominations.

The Minister-designate for Tourism, Arts and Culture was being probed after reports emerged that she and her husband, were defendants in a case of breach of contract in 2007.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Evalue-Gwira Constituency in the Western Region, and her husband, Seth Afeku, were directed by an Accra High Court to pay $217,464.00 plus 50 percent interest to a US couple after charges of fraud were brought against them.

The Court presided over by her Lordship Barbara Ackah-Yensu ordered Catherine Afeku and her husband to pay the US couple, Patricia and Bill Gick the amount with interest.

Afeku and her husband have, however, failed to pay the money, an action which compelled Mr. and Mrs. Gick to file a fifa application at the court to auction both movable and immovable properties of the Ex MP and husband. The court granted the application.

The Evalue-Gwira MP, who according to reports had paid part of the money, filed an appeal in 2013. The appeal is yet to be heard.

Madam Afeku speaking in an exclusive with Joy News’ Ibrahim Ben-Bako said the issue won’t affect her appointment as Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture

According to her, “What is important is that having a civil case is totally different from having a criminal case. I have been cleared by Article 94 in 2006 to be a member of parliament, I have been cleared again in 2015 to be a member of parliament.”

To her, the development is not a big issue because “what it is is in politics, you always have to look at having friends and having enemies. It’s just a game that some people will play to see how formidable you are, can you withstand the heat so if you are not strong enough, you will [wither] and fall down.”

“I have nothing to hide, it’s a matter of public records, it’s a civil matter and I’m actually the one who has won an appeal…I’m a woman on fire…it’s very rare to have diasporas or white people come into our country get some judgment and then you fight back and win a temporary injunction,” the Minster designate stated.

“I’m a woman who is formidable. I have been cleared by Article 94. I do not have a criminal record and I have never been found or charged with fraud. I have a civil case and I have contested it and I am the one who has won a temporal relief.”

Madam Afeku was one of 36 ministerial nominees named by President to be approved by Parliament after vetting.

A group calling itself Truth and Accountable Governance (TAG) has petitioned President Akufo-Addo to drop the name of Madam Afeku as Minister-designate because of her ‘issues’, which they said, would save the integrity of the president’s nominees.

In spite of the calls, the Madam Afeku said she is looking forward to her vetting soon.