Lifestyle: It’s a marriage ceremony not social media celebration

Entertainment of Sunday, 29 January 2017



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My encouragement today is on relationship. A lady approached me that she was really stressed about her upcoming marriage ceremony.

She told me how she was under a lot of pressure to organize her wedding to befit a standard worth sharing on different social media platforms.

My question to her was whether that was necessary imagining the stress she was given herself. To my surprise she said it was absolutely necessary as the standard had been set by her friends which gives her no option to match up or even do something bigger; she felt obliged to do same. I thought let me share my opinion on this.

Marriage is an honorable thing before God and it was instituted by Him. What matters is the love between the couples and a ceremony that both families deem acceptable. Most importantly a ceremony that will be honorable to God.

I don’t think it is necessary to worry about having a lavishing ceremony that you share with the whole world. If you can afford one that is great and there is nothing wrong celebrating such lifetime moments with families and friends, but if you cannot afford then you are better off ‘cutting your coat according to your size’ that is spending within your budget exactly what you can afford in order to avoid huge debts after the ceremony.

There is no need in following current trends if it will hurt your pocket, you must do things within your means. Life is not a race, you are never in competition with anyone that is why you must do what makes you happy and comfortable.

My advice to those yet to marry is to organise ceremonies that you can afford and live happily after, rather than organising one that will bring huge debts which could lead to difficulties or misunderstandings later on in your marriage and sometimes even causing unwarranted bitter separations.

This is because it is a marriage ceremony and not a social media celebration.

What is your opinion?