Signs He’s Too Fresh Out Of A Relationship To Date

Some men do a wonderful job of pretending they are totally happy, stable and over their last breakup. They can pretend this just long enough to get another woman to go out with them, but then when they do begin to date, the reality hits them that they aren’t ready.

He asks you how to get over a breakup

He thinks asking you about the worst breakup you’ve ever had, and how you got over it, is an appropriate first date conversation. It even seems like he’s taking mental notes based on your tips for surviving heartbreak.

He’s still her handyman

The thought of his ex living with a leaky faucet for an hour sends him rushing over there to fix it. God forbid she wait for a professional plumber to show up.

If you like the same drink as her, he freaks

If you like the same drink, same food, or same book as his ex did, he looks as if he’s just seen a ghost and immediately changes the subject.

He’s unfollowed her on social media

If a friend of his so much as mentions a recent post of the ex, the guy says (with much disdain) “I haven’t seen it. I don’t follow her crap.”