Lifestyle: How to turn down a guy nicely (1)

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You may have just broken up with a guy, you may just be friendly with another guy, or you may have met a new guy at a party. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, but there’s a good chance that you may have come across a guy that fancies you and wants to go out with you.

If you like the guy, it’s all fun and dandy.

But if you don’t, and he’s being persistent, then you’ve got a bit of an issue on your hands.

Rejecting a guy can be a sensitive matter. And it completely depends on the guy and how he’s pursuing you.

Some guys may understand enough to back away when you tell them you aren’t interested. But some guys may need a firmer response to get the message across.

Now, not all guys are bad. You have to understand that a guy may be persistent only because he likes you a lot. In some cases, the guy may be genuinely nice and may only want you to get to know him better.

And in some other cases, he may assume you’re playing hard to get and may pursue you with renewed vigour.

Tell him the truth

This is plain and simple. If a guy that you’re not particularly interested in asks you out, tell him straight out that you aren’t interested in him. You don’t really have to be rude at first unless he’s persistent. You really don’t owe every guy who falls in love with you an explanation about why you’re uninterested in him, or why you want to reject him.

Tell him you’d want to be friends

If you want to reject a guy, but are not sure you want to lose him, tell him you don’t want to go out with him right now, but would love to be friends instead. This is best used when you’re not sure yourself. Take a bit of time to figure it out, and depending upon how things go, you can always change your mind!

Make it clear

If the guy you rejected asks you to go out with him again, it’s time to be firm. You’ve already been gentle before. So this time, tell him clearly and firmly that there’s no way you could ever like him back. And also tell him that you’re starting to get irritated with his behaviour.

Many guys have an annoying habit of wanting to know the logical reason behind why you’re rejecting them. They want you to explain it, and even if you do, they want more explanations. So instead of getting yourself in a bind, just make your rejection clear and don’t go into elaborate details. He’ll never be happy with your answers, no matter what you say.

Tell him you’ll dislike him

Some guys get scared of this one. When he persistently tries to ask you out, tell him you’re starting to get annoyed with his behaviour. Tell him that you’ve started disliking him, and the more he asks you out, you’ll only end up hating him.