Cyclists in Bangladesh form world’s longest line of moving bikes

Over 1,000 cyclists gathered in Bangladesh to form the world’s longest line of moving bicycles.

Non-profit social biking community BDCyclists gathered the 1,186 cyclists who biked in a single-file line in Dhaka to claim the Guinness World Record for the “longest single line of bicycles (moving).”

“We are general people like students, a service holder, a business person having a common goal of staying healthy in this stressful life and ride for recreation, commute, health and sheer fun – which is a community initiative,” a BDCyclists spokesperson said.

The line began with a total of 1,200 cyclists, but some were disqualified for breaking from the line.

Each cyclist was required to ride continuously for two miles while staying in the line and avoiding any significant gaps.

The 1,186 cyclists topped the previous record of 984 set in 2015 during the Sarajevo Grand Prix in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.