Albino alligator in US wildlife park becomes a hit online

A wildlife park in Florida, USA is drawing viral attention thanks to a unique albino alligator with all-white skin and pink eyes.

The Gatorland park in Orlando said the alligator, named Pearl, has become the star attraction at the 110-acre preserve and pictures of the unusually-colored gator have gone viral on social media.

Pearl is 10 years old and very popular at Gatorland,” a Gatorland spokesman told The Daily Telegraph. “She is 7.5 feet long and weighs 105 pounds.”

She arrived to Gatorland when she was 3 years old. Pearl is an albino alligator which means she has white skin and pink eyes due to the complete absence of pigmentation,” the spokesman said.

Park officials said Pearl and Bouya Blan, another albino gator at the park, would have difficulty surviving in the wild due to their inability to properly camouflage with their surroundings.

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