Partners need to respect each other’s individuality – David Kwaku Sakyi

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Entertainment of Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Source: GhanaWeb


Kd2play videoDavid Kwaku Sakyi

Many times relationships begin with so much ‘fire’ and passion but sometimes in a few years the passion just fades leaving couples wondering what might have gone wrong and how to bring it back.

This is the question Ghanaweb’s Lifestyles team put to renowned Life Coach David Kwaku Sakyi.

According to him everything that starts with heat and fire has the potential to get cold.

He said the major causes of losing passion in relationships is when partners start taking each other for granted, not respecting each other’s individuality and also external factors such as flirtations outside the relationship among other things.

He advised partners to go into the relationship on equal terms so that the other does not feel as though they are putting in more effort than the other. He also advised that partners should find that thing that excited them in the past and bring it back into the relationship.

Watch the full interview below: