Importer Recalls Blue Jeans Energy Drink

Blue Jeans Energy Drink

Budget Cash and Carry has ordered the recall of all 250ml Blue Jeans Energy Drink from the market.

The order, which is in compliance with a directive by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA), follows social media reports that the 250ml cans energy drink with Santa Claus and a wrap-around sticker labels imported into the country during the Christmas season in December 2016 by Budget Cash and Carry were fake and poisonous.

Budget Cash and Carry, importer of the Blue Jeans Energy Drink, in compliance with the FDA’s directive, therefore urged all distributors of Blue Jeans Energy Drink in Ghana to return all the said products.

The recall does not include the 330ml Blue Jeans Energy Drink, which has been on sale in the country since 1996.

Addressing the media on Monday in Accra, a member of the legal team of Budget Cash and Carry, George Eshun, disclosed that the contents in the 250ml cans in question were not fake or poisonous as speculated in the social media.

“As a very responsible corporate citizen, we have no intention whatsoever or any motivation to import and distribute inferior products and place our renowned brand on it.”

According to him, “A production challenge regarding the supply of special cans (250ml) with features for the yuletide resulted in a decision which unfortunately has not been accepted by some section of the public in spite of all efforts made to address the problem through public announcements.”

Lawyer Eshun indicated that “we want to state emphatically that we Budget Cash and Carry imported the Blue Jeans Energy Drink in the 250ml cans with the wrap-around for the reasons stated above. The content of the cans is Blue Jeans Energy Drink, and it is safe and of good quality. It is not a fake product as the video seems to suggest.”

“We however wish to assure the public that in view of the public anxiety and the general good of the business environment, we will comply with the directive of the FDA in all investigations it may further wish to conduct.”

“We hereby recall all Blue Jeans Energy Drink, particularly the 250ml cans and call on all our distributors to return them to our warehouse.”

By Melvin Tarlue