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Review: Kofi Kinaata’s ‘Confession’ doesn’t promote boozing

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Music of Monday, 23 January 2017

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Kinaata ConfessionsKinaata

Don’t drink and drive, so Kofi Kinaata offer a straightforward strategy to save a life at the end of his song “Confession”.

Kofi Kinaata aka Fante Rap God, is one of the youngest creative art in Ghana to have won two Ghana music awards in his late 20s.

His current single Confession, which he sings and offer short catchy rap is buzzing on the street as while as sparking debate about the content of the song.

“Ewurade b?gye steer no oo Na ‘me, maabor oo Menhu ade oo,Mere y? ma lock oo!”, the intro of the song sings by Kofi Kinata. The clear interpretation of the line is that God should take control of the situation.

The Fante language is very difficult for many to understand and the literal meaning of it.

“Maabor oo” does not mean, being drunk, it also means being tired or overwhelmed. When you are engulfed with problems here and there in Fante language you can say “Maabor oo mpo “, which does not mean you are drunk, but the situation makes you drank.

As many Christians do when they face a situation which seems beyond their control, they called on God to take control and that’s exactly Kofi Kinaata intended with his song.

So Kofi Kinaata is not promoting alcoholic or any sort, but encouraging people to call on God when they face difficulties in their lives. We shouldn’t paint this beautiful song with negative painting brushes. If you haven’t heard the song yet. I encouraged you to listen and connect the key phrases together you will understand the content of the song.

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