PJS 44 scam alert: A victim’s harrowing experience

General News of Monday, 23 January 2017

Source: atinkaonline.com


Fraud ScamPipe Joint Sealant (PJS) 44 are used by fraudsters to dupe unsuspecting victims

Fraud activities using Pipe Joint Sealant (PJS) 44 are on the increase as fraudsters are employing several cunning ways to dupe unsuspecting victims of millions of cedis.

The product is supposedly a new pipe –sealing and it is environment friendly as well as chemical and water resistant.

The fraudsters, who carefully select their victims after in-depth research, are cunning and claim to have police backing.

A victim of this fraud activity shared his ordeal with Atinka News and cautioned Ghanaians to be on the lookout.

Modus Operandi (Victim’s account)

On the 21st of December, I missed a call from a number (0572639009) which I did not bother to call back. On 3rd January, 2017, I had another call from the same number.

He identified himself as George, who formally worked with NADMO but now works with a Water company in Kumasi. He said he would call back later to discuss an issue with him.

He called back in the next three days; he claimed to be a procurement officer. But then I told him that I can’t recall knowing him at NADMO. He then said we had met on some occasions in my line of duty as he knows me to be the Acting Director of Social Protection with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. Are you not the one that deals with the production of disinfectants product. “I am one of your boys. You will make me out when we meet” the fraudster noted.

He called the following day and this was the conversation

Fraudster: ohhh. Do you know why I’m calling you. Where im working now, im working with some foreigners and there are some small contracts. since you deal in chemicals, l think we can work together. And sometimes when we need orders I give it some of my good friends and people I know so we can share the profits.

Victim: alright. I am a business man so when there is an opportunity like that Why not?….I will sign on. That ended that conversation. Another call was placed two days later

Fraudster: Good morning, Mr. Adjetey. I have secured one of the contracts for you

Victim: Which contract?

Fraudster: the contract I discussed with you over the phone, the last time we talked. There is this chemical we need very urgently in our organization because we are laying some pipes and we need it.

Victim: what chemical is it?

Fraudster: It is called Pipe Joint Sealant (PJS) 44

Victim: I have not heard of this product before. Where can I get it because it is a chemical used for plumbering. He said you can check it up on the internet.

Victim: ok..(Victim checked on the internet and read about the product and was assured it was a genuine product).

Victim places call after research on the internet

Victim: I have never seen this product on the internet before. So how do I become an agent.

Fraudster: There is this man, an elder who deals in that product. ..but the man has a warehouse in both Tamale and Koforidua. So I will send you the elder’s contact. He is Elder Mensah So the Fraudster sent the Elder’s contact (0271693373)

Victim calls the Elder Mensah

Victim: I am Adjetey. Im calling from Accra. Your number was given to me by a friend. He says you deal in PJS 44 and I am looking for some to buy. How much do you sell a pack?

Elder: A pack is GHC2,500

Victim: can you reduce the price Elder: it a fixed price

Victim places a call to fraudster (George)

Victim: Elder says the product is GHC2500

Fraudster: alright. The price is ok. We will pay GHC2, 800 for a pack. So, then It’s a fair deal

Fraudster: I need your details and your ID card

Victim: Why do you need my ID Card. Because I have to see the form I’m filling. So I can only give you my name and number so that when I meet you people I can show you my company registration number. Fraudster: oh. My boss will call you

The boss calls (voice accent: Idian) Boss: hello, I can confirm that we need the product urgently. So how soon can you supply us the product. We want 50 boxes.

Victim: When I called the supplier he told me he can only get 35 boxes. So I can only supply 35 boxes and then by Friday will supply the remaining 15 boxes. Boss: Can you get me a sample of the product. So im positive you can deliver the exact product we need.

Victim calls Fraudster

Victim: George your boss wants me to deliver a sample.

Fraudster: Call the importer (Elder Mensah) so he gives you a sample

Victim calls importer (Elder Mensah)

Victim: can I get a sample of the product.

Elder: No. the way the price is. I can’t give you a sample. You will have to buy.

Victim: How much is the product?

Elder: GHC2,500. I have an agent at Nsawam who can deliver to you…so you will have to meet him at Pokuase.

Victim meets Fraudster and pays the money for the product.

Victim gets home and it dawns on him that he needs to do more research about the product so I can express myself better when I meet with management of the company.

It was during the search that the victim saw a caption, “FRAUDSTERS IN GHANA OF THE PJS 44”. I googled and I read a similar story. It was then I realized that I had been duped. I started calling them, all their lines were off. So I sent a text to the number. Threatening to report the fraudster to the police. Fraudster called in the morning and started threatening the victim

Fraudster: Foolish man. Do you know the number of people I have duped and the money involved? Only with GHC2500 you want to threaten. Do you know the people who I work with? The police are involved so you can go to the Police Headquarters and report. They will pretend to listen but when you leave, they will laugh over it because they have a token in what we do. The police people are my friends.

The victim is lost for words. Then he realized these fraudsters are involved with people who can protect them. His filed a case at the police station.

However, he wants Ghanaians to be on the lookout and not fall prey to these fraudsters.