NPP’s defeat in 2016 election would have caused tension – KSM

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Entertainment of Thursday, 12 January 2017



Ksm HmmmKweku Sintim Misa

The renowned entrepreneur, Ghana’s foremost stand up comedian and the host of the KSM show Mr. Kweku Sintim Misa has said that he believes Ghana will not have enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere it is having now if NPP had not won the elections, “..the atmosphere would have been Very tensed”.

Speaking to Radio gold morning show he attributed this to the utterances of threat and the posture some of the leaders and functionaries of the NPP adopted before the elections.

He praised the NDC for the matured manner in which they accepted defeat and collaborated to a peaceful transition and handover.

KSM as popularly called was speaking to a range of issues that included the news that John Mahama’s family are urging him not to contest the 2020 elections and the violent take over of state institutions by supporters of NPP.

It will be recalled that the leaders of the NPP had sent out a clear signal about their intention to reject any results that doesn’t go to their favor and threatened violence and unrest in the run up to the 2016 election. A posture many saw as a threat to our democracy and peace.

The presence of mercenaries from South Africa and Serbia to train NPP security was also an action that many condemned as a fundamental threat to Ghana’s fledgling democracy.