‘Gov’t To Complete Abandoned Housing Units’

Samuel Atta Akyea

Samuel Atta Akyea, Minister-designate for Works and Housing, has reiterated his readiness to complete all abandoned housing units in the country before starting new ones.

He bemoaned the situation whereby new governments abandon old projects started by their predecessors and begin new ones.

Speaking to the media after his nomination yesterday by President Akufo-Addo, he said, “We have developed a habit of abandoning old projects and rather starting with new ones which is not the best and against the constitution.

“The constitution requires that at any point time the successive government should complete projects that have been started by the old regime,” Atta Akyea said.

He quizzed, “I do not understand why a government will go and start a whole housing project without due regard to the uncompleted ones.”

Mr Atta Akyea promised to quickly complete the abandoned housing units when he takes office.

“I want to finish all the old houses, and when I finish all the old houses then I will look at the contracts and financial arrangement to make it easier for someone to acquire a house.

“It is important we expedite action on completing the abandoned housing units and ensure that the deficit of 1.7 million units are cleared,” he said.

Mortgage Arrangement

He stressed the need for the country to have a good mortgage arrangement for those looking to acquire houses, stating “What is critical is how we cushion the end-user with mortgage arrangement that will not dent his pocket.

Citing an example from the developed world, Atta Akyea said, “If you look at all the mortgage arrangements in the civilized world, what happens is that it factors in the income of the people.”

What is practised in developed world would be replicated in the country to ensure that the houses become affordable for people to acquire, he added.

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By Cephas Larbi