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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hilarious Things You Do When You Want To Have Sex But Won’t Say It

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Sitting on his lap at a weird time

You have three couches in the house, and yet, his lap seems like the best seat. And you’re going to do a lot of adjusting when you’re there. Gosh, you just can’t seem to get comfortable. Maybe if you sit on this side, or maybe if you sit higher up. Maybe if you both sat around pant-less!

Naked day

It doesn’t matter that you’ve had to close all of the blinds to stop your neighbors from complaining, or the fact that it’s the middle of harmattan—you just feel like being naked today. You will continue to be naked, through dinner and folding the laundry until your partner gets the damn hint.

Play adult movies

It’s a new hobby of yours. What of it? You think it makes nice background noise, really.

Just lie on top of him

Hey, when you get desperate, you might decide that the best place to fall asleep is directly on top of your partner. Something has to click for him.

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