How To Deal With Rude People Who Don’t Know They’re Being Rude


The old adage. Responding with kindness to disrespect is something a lot of people do. By doing this, you’ll choose to respond to the rudest treatment with extreme kindness. It’s a personal preference and this may not be the go-to reaction for you. But here’s something to ponder — your kindness can be a teachable moment for them. If someone is explaining something very rudely and are unaware that they are being rude, you being nice might help them realize their behavior. They might examine their own personal interactions with people, and check themselves. They might ask, why is this person so nice, let me be nice in return.


If you feel it, or even sense a hint of someone being rude, walk away from them. Why raise your anxiety and subject yourself to rudeness if you have an opportunity to walk away from it? It can take a lot of courage to just up and remove yourself, but always remember you do not have to deal with it. In situations where you can’t just completely leave, like at a meeting or with a classmate, make a habit of excusing yourself. When you see the person or if they ask for something.


Sometimes none of the above can work for you, and you have to tell someone they are being rude in order to feel some sort of closure. I’m personally like this. If someone bumps into you or steps on your foot and you’re bothered by it, tell them if you have to. Because they probably don’t know they’re being disrespectful or nasty. And there are people out there that might feel genuinely remorseful to learn they offended someone by something they did. This is not to advise you to start a confrontation, but as we’re on the subject of people being unknowingly rude, you have to.