You Should Be Kinder This Year, Here Is How

1. Be kind to your own parents and family, they need it the most!


2. Call your grandparents and pay them a visit regularly, they miss you a lot.

3. Be patient with older people when they ask you questions about technology.

4. Be kind to the unkind, it might change their heart someday.

5. If you offer any kind of a service as a job, why not offer your services for free for someone who can’t pay for your services every once in a while?

6. Dedicate some of your time to teach a child who can’t go to school to read and write.

7. Pay regular visits to orphanages, elderly centers, and refugee camps and engage in activities to make them feel wanted and happy again.

8. Smile more often to random people, you’ll feel better and you might make them feel better too!

9. Make a pledge to say only good words to people about themselves, and restrain from any negative comments!

10. Give away food to the homeless.