Aged Farmers Demand Salary

Society for the Aged Ghana, Atasomanso branch, presenting a citation to Dr. Richard Anane

RETIRED FARMERS in the country, who are above 65 years old, insist it is time the state pay a monthly allowance for their upkeep.

Pastor Twumasi Mensah, Secretary of the Society for the Aged Ghana, Atasemanso branch in Kumasi, made the call during a public gathering.

The Society for the Aged takes care of aged farmers in the country, who are cash-strapped.

Pastor Mensah openly lamented the financial hardship that retired farmers face in the country, after spending years on the farm to feed the nation.

According to him, farmers play important roles in the sustainability of food production in the country, therefore they deserve better during retirement.

Sadly, he noted, because there is no retirement package “Aged farmers have become paupers because they are old and cannot work on their farms.”

He was speaking during a ceremony in Kumasi, where Dr. Richard Anane, the Nhyiaeso MP, who is leaving office, bid bye to his constituents.

The Society for the Aged, the Atasemanso branch, used the occasion to present a citation to Dr. Richard Anane for his continual support for the group.

Pastor Mensah also suggested that the state should in the near future prepare a decent retirement package for farmers to ease their burden later in life.

According to him, the energetic youth would be attracted into farming if the current farmers, most of who are ageing, are treated properly by the state.

Pastor Mensah commended Dr. Richard Anane for supporting his group and urged him to continue to assist them even though he is stepping down as MP.

The Society for the Aged Ghana was formed primarily to support non-government workers, notably farmers, who don’t have any pension scheme after their retirement.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi