Weird: Weird MC reveals that there’s a man in her life waiting…………..


For all of you that have been saying she was gay and all sorts of nonsense, this proves you wrong.

Weird MC has said that any plans of marriage on her part are in God’s hands and that she has a man in waiting.

The rapper also spoke out on her career, her dress sense and the biggest mistake she has made as a musician.

Weird MC, whose real name is Adesola Adesimbo Idowu, spoke in an interview with Vanguard.

read excerpts below: –

Nothing much has been heard from you in recent times?

I am actually in the studio recording my latest songs. We have actually shot a video for one of the new songs. We are editing right now.

What would you say was the greatest mistake you have made as a singer?

I think as a musician, the moment you stepped into the spotlight, you have lost your right to privacy. That’s the only thing I can say on this matter. I am a very, very private person, but now, I have lost it to the public.

Why are you always described as a controversial singer?

I don’t know why. Sometimes, when you are different and unique, people tend to put you in a box. I don’t think I am controversial at all. I am just like everybody else. Well, that’s part of the price I have to pay as a public figure.

What’s one funny thing that has happened to you on stage?

I was performing in Lekki. Then I used to wear two rings and it happened that somebody held my hand and was dragging one of my rings from my finger. I was resisting him, but at point, I allowed him to take the ring because I didn’t want him to hurt me. It pained me because the ring was very expensive.

You have a masculine look?

I am a fit person. I hardly put on women’s clothes.

Is weird MC planning to marry sometime soon?

It’s in God’s hands.

But there is a man in your life?

Yes, there’s a man in waiting. You have to be patient.